Had a great weekend here. Place was exactly what we expected. Rod & Rosa were quick to respond. I wish the parking situation was better, but that’s out of their control. We took 3 vehicles and only had 2 spots. They were quick to respond with a solution and was able to leave our third vehicle in a different location versus it being towed. Even when we discovered the iron didn’t work they were quick to respond and want to replace it. I just preferred not to iron on vacation. Also, it was eight of us staying here. I wish there were more supplies like trash bags, detergent, shower towels and toilet paper available. After 2 days we had to stock up again because I didn’t want to bother them with something we could handle. However, I would’ve brought all that along from home with our food,etc. Nice rental within walking distance of the beach away from the congested part. Very comfortable, especially those couches. I would definitely stay here again.