Accessible, Accommodating and Amazing

I was a bit nervous as I travel with my disabled husband. When I say disabled, I mean he is a hoyer lift quadriplegic that cannot communicate verbally. My sister also has limited mobility with arm crutches and wheelchair for long walks. We were taking a risk coming to the island itself as we travel in a custom shuttle bus with a trailer to hold all of his medical equipment, but being on the 11th floor scared me the most…BUT… When I say we’ll be back, WE WILL BE BACK!!! From the moment we pulled in, the staff here was so accommodating!! The ease of getting everything unloaded and up to the room was effortless (although it took a few trips)…we didn’t even need to use our portable medical cot for him as the bed was high enough off the floor to use the hoyer, so he was able to sleep in a real bed for the first time since his stroke!…we brought plenty of pillows to prop him up!! The view is spectacular, and we we had amazing weather (100 degrees) the entire time!! We came in September (10year wedding anniversary) which is off-peak season, but perfect for us as we practically had the entire island to ourselves 🙂 Landsharks restaurant, attached to Margaritaville right next door was easy to get to and had wonderful food! We did a lot of touristy things (even got my husband on a sunset dolphin cruise) during the week, but if you’re looking to just relax and not go anywhere, all of the amenities are already here! Even a spa for massage! We absolutely loved it here, and will definitely be coming back again!